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24 NOV.
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Frequently asked questions of the teams

24 NOV.
ScanBox is partner at the Villeroy et Boch Culinary World Cup

Dear chefs 


We are happy to anounce that ScanBox is Partner for the Villeroy et Boch Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg.


Each team finds a hot H12 next to the kitchen that can be used during the competition.


Please dont forget to respect the regulations of the competition. !!!!

"Only 2 additional Scanbox or similar GN1/1, cooling or heating equipment is allowed." Inside the kitchen !!


For more informations about ScanBox please check on

01 NOV.
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Collaboration with Bravo Gelato machines

Dear competitors,


We have the pleasure to announce our collaboration with Bravo Gelato machines.

Below you will find the complete description of the machine which will be at your disposal for the preparation of a real Gelato.

Further informations on the website:

The machines (type Trittico EVO 183) have a capacity of 3 liters liquid and a cycle takes 10-12 minutes.

Three machines (one in each room) will be installed in the shared preparation rooms and one mobile at the Restaurant des Nations and one machine for the Community Catering Teams and Junior Buffet.

Additionally, 2 technicians from Bravo will be at your disposal to help you to produce your Gelato in the best conditions.

Please consider that you will not be forced to bring in your own and remind me that according the rules only 8 additional machines are allowed to bring in.

Your Villeroy & Boch Culinary Worldcup Team






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